30 Strangers

i'm happy to say that justin hackworth and i are no longer strangers. my mom and i went yesterday to justin's fun studio, where we laughed, bonked heads, and joked around, oh--and had some photos taken, too. justin is simply charming, and i loved talking photography with him. he has such a unique style, so it was great seeing him work it. it was also nice to be on the other side of the lens for once. being photographed can be a lot of fun with the right photographer! see his other great work here.



i shot the artwork for an upcoming instrumental album of a very talented friend of mine. check out my images (that i still haven't edited for myself--luckily his design team did a great job with them) and some clips from the upcoming cd HERE! you can also pre-order your copy of the album, to be released may 1, 2009. congratulations, spencer! and thanks for letting me collaborate with you on this awesome project!


Jen & Dean: groomals

i was the traditional bride--i didn't allow my now-hubby to see me in my dress before the big day. but i think it's really fun to be able to photograph the bride & groom together before the hectic wedding!



Uncle Roy

my grandpa's youngest brother, roy, died at only 20 years old fighting for the u.s. in a war against his father's homeland of japan. visiting his gravesite (and the tree planted next to it by my other great uncle) for a second time at arlington, and visiting the japanese american memorial near the capitol were special, emotional experiences. appropriately, the weather mimicked the sobering feeling of the day.


Cuttin' up the Rug (Provo Event Photographer)

each year my school has a big awards banquet called the barrister's ball. this year i was on the party-planning committee, and as such, i opted to include photography in the event (of course). we set up a photo booth, awards-show style, where i got to capture my fellow schoolchildren and our gracious educators. The fun-filled night included coq au vin, professor roasting, and--my favorite--dancing. and i loved being able to document the event!