One of my favorite flowers: delicate, feminine, unique. I've since killed the plant my husby brought home for me a few months back. Rest in peace.


GDO, versions 2.0 & 3.0

"Women and their lunch dates." My husby rolls his eyes and smirks when I remind him it's gdo. the latest eateries: Pennyroyal Cafe and Sammy's, both in Provo. Both delicious. I recommend pennyroyal's specialty panini and sammy's sweet-potato fries.

our lunch group is growing! thanks for the fun times, ladies!


Baby Taven

This sweet little baby wasn't too happy about us stripping her clothes off. I don't blame her, I was cold fully clothed. She did ok, and her parents were very patient. I always love seeing new parents with their little bundles.


Starting young

It makes me little bit sad that the next generation of kids won't know about film photography. I learned to photograph on my dad's all-manual, all-film, circa-1970 nikkormat el. But even 18-month-olds expect to take a photo and immediately see what looks like. It may be sad, but it sure is cute. Here are some more from a couple nights ago with little Kate.

she already knows the process: shoot, review, and display!

her lovely mama.

and one just being mischievous.


Cameron and Campbell

If you look at my blog much, you're undoubtedly familiar with these two kiddos. Couldn't pass up another opportunity to photograph them. Little Campbell wasn't too happy, so I didn't get too many great ones of her, but her big bro, Cameron, is one of the most well-behaved 5-year-olds you'll ever meet.



I've never met an 18-month-old with nearly as much personality as little k. This expression says so much to me. the first thing that comes to mind is, "what were you thinking?!" What do you see?

witty captions appreciated.



Some days nothing serves as a better pick-me-up than some good phototherapy. And editing images of babies is quite possibly the best kind of phototherapy. Although the blues are still lingering, baby O certainly helped lift my spirits. This tender baby was so even-tempered and easy. and new parents, mom and dad are so in love with him. definitely feeling the baby hunger.

Mom and dad are both in law school with me. And baby O came right during finals last semester. They are rockstars.


pretty in pink

These little girls stole the show at our shoot last saturday. they had so much energy and loved being the center of attention. I'd expect nothing less: they come from good stock (my rockin' cousin and his awesome wife). I'm amazed we got as many great shots as we did because they were SO active!



What I would give to photograph this stunning family.

Congratulations and good luck, President Obama.

photo credit


The end of an era: HRS

Back in november, hudson river school played its final concert at the midvale main street theatre. Mo-kun and I were in attendance, along with a surprisingly modest crowd. I've been following this band since I was in jr. high, mostly because my cousin spencer (whom i've always basically idolized) is the lead guitarist. While they didn't quite make it, hrs came heart-breaking-ly close to the big times: Clive Davis flew them out to ny for a private audition, and they toured with a few big-name bands. So sad that it is over for them. But so glad I was able to be there to capture a few moments...mostly of spence ... and a few of the rest of the band.