We just ordered black tees for an organization I'm in at school. The challenge: a cool, unisex design encompassing the club's feel. I designed 4 logos and the board chose these two.

front center chest:

back, large:

I'll have some students model the real deal once we receive them next week.

fyi: we got great prices and personal service from wasatch embroidery. If you need some tees printed for your org, contact hai at wasemb@xmission.com.


this just in . . .

Just got word that my new babies just arrived. At my parents' house cuz I didn't want them sitting on the porch at my apt.

(click photos for links)

You could say i'm freaking out.
You could also say this delay is a blessing. I have a 30-page brief to write this week.
No ginormous distractions needed.


Guard, JFK Memorial

I wasn't lying when I said it was bitter cold the day I tried to take family photos. Just ask this Arlington guard.

Presidents' day, 2009.


The time i tried to photograph my nephews

Most of the shots turned out like this.

I'll cut them a little slack since it was about, oh, 20 degrees outside with wind chill that Virginia winter morning. they lasted about 1.5 minutes, but luckily we were able to salvage a few great shots. sorry, those will have to wait for another day.


And i'm back...

from a much-needed, whirlwind vacation with our brothers and nephews Back East. I'm still wading through hundreds of photos, but here's a taste to whet your whistle. Love this juicy little monster.

trying to get a closer look at the bugs coming out of the old door.



Out of the Ordinary

I won't do this often, I promise. But i thought I'd share the vid from my performance at my school's talent show today. I used to be one of these. About three years ago. I'm pretty rusty, but I sure had fun. My out-of-cheer-shape body may be singing a different tune tomorrow.

sorry, there's no sound. a nice video camera is definitely on the long list of things i'd like that i can't afford.


Love train, Love train

We skate-danced the night away last night at our 80's-themed ward valentine's party. How rad are all these costumes? The best-dressed even got legit prizes--gift cards to some great restaurants! We love this ward.

I had fun playing with a slow shutter all night. But oh how I wish I'd had my new camera + speedlight. (for the record, I'm not really into photoshop actions, but I like the retro effect on some of these ones...)

for some reason i really love this one.

here is the result from the other photog's camera, plus one he got of me in my getup.

and here are the righteous winners of the costume contest:

p.s. if you see a photo of yourself and you want it, email me. i'll send you the full file!



I cannot wrap my head around the idea that this handsome guy is graduating this year. But I am excited he'll be down south with me this fall! Look out byu co-eds, my baby brother's comin'!


Mochi ice cream

One of my very favorite treats. Mostly because it combines two of my favorite snacks: mochi and ice cream. If you've never had mochi, you're missing out. It's traditional japanese ooey perfection. Paired with fruit-flavored ice cream: heaven in my mouth.


Check it out!

Each year my school sponsors a large auction. for the next three days (feb.3-feb.5), the fishbowl (3rd floor lobby) will be host to banquet tables overflowing with donated items up for silent auction. local businesses and we law students (yep, some have talents outside of studying) give great stuff. Last year I picked up some sweet checkered vans and food/haircut gift certificates. But there were also overnight stays at park city resorts, pearl necklaces, basketball tickets, and even the drafting of a will! The best part: proceeds benefit law students who do free public interest work during the summer.

I benefited directly when I did work for the guardian ad litem office last summer, so now it's time to pay it back. This year I donated several photo sessions. Happy bidding!

engagement OR bridal session

family session

newborn/kiddo session

p.s. I also dropped a sushi party for 4, which will go down in the live auction on Thursday. See you there!