I think this little girl is perfect, and I want one just like her.
Many, many more of her and her cute family to come.


A regular fan...

It's been a difficult transition for me to go from being on the field at every byu game to being "just" a spectator/fan. My trusty camera really helps. Here are a few snaps from my first game of the season:

the real reason fans go to games...

students react to a bad call

me & my cougar fan

helping my technologically challenged father-in-law

my buddy, who sits in front of us


Richard & Rachael

I owe my survival of my first year of law school to this beautiful lady. She was my volunteer mentor (she being a seasoned 3rd-year student), and aside from my husband was my most faithful advocate. So Rachael, these are for you.


Sneak Peek...Richard & Rachael

This girl should model. Iwould photograph her. Seriously, this Christmas engagement-style session was too easy.


Prince Families

Remember that ginormous 75-person family shoot i did last month? Here's the proof...finally! it was absolutely nuts for only a few minutes. But we got it done. My eye trick proved successful--I only had to swap out about 5 adult faces on the worst family photo.

So, without further ado, grandma p's posterity (minus 25 who couldn't make it)...

I even jumped into these two, thanks to the tripod.

Whew! Congrats if you made it through all that.