More Christmas cards!

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hohoho. 4x9.

joy. 5x7.
blue ornament. 5x5.

holly. 5x5.
happy. 4x9.
green ornament. 5x7.
red ornament. 4x9.


Gamboa & Nye Families

Here are the rest of my favorites from the n-g shoot a couple weeks ago. They were such a fun family to work with--so much energy & personality! And they let me be as creative as possible! thanks! As a side note--they were great practice for the ginormous shoot I did yesterday with multiple families of 10+!


Sneak Peek: Kaela

shot some beautiful head shots for a good friend today. and i take no credit for them being beautiful--it's all her. i know i say that all of my friends are beautiful, and maybe i'm biased . . . but maybe i'm not.


Nye-Gamboa Preview

One of my favorite things about this fam was how much the dynamics reminded me of my own family's. The younger brothers are just like mine--so much personality! And who can resist baby c's squeezable cheeks?! Many more of this family to come!


Pettit Family

Warning: bombardment of photos ahead. I couldn't help myself. this family was too much fun, and I had a LOT of material to choose from. This little girl is one of the major causes of my baby hunger.

enjoy the many faces of baby m. she was crackin' me up through the entire shooting and post-processing phases.