Macarthur Kids

Shooting five kids at once was definitely a new/challenging experience! We had fun "playing," though. We got a few good shots--it helps when the models are beautiful.


Baby Keilani

Baby K'i looks a lot more Asian than I did for being half! I loved her crazy hair and the fact that she went right to sleep as soon as we stepped outside. I was able to catch a few shots with her eyes open! This family was way too easy to shoot--they're all so beautiful.
baby & mom



I seriously can't get enough of these two. They came out for a visit to Utah a couple weeks ago and I snapped, oh, about 400 shots of them in the few hours we were together.


Baby Marne'

Isn't this baby sweet? You probably wouldn't guess it, but the window light at jason's deli in provo is amazing, don't you think?


Summer Wedding

Our dear friends Cason & Kaela asked me to shoot wedding (sealing) photos at the temple. It was my first wedding shoot and I loved it--despite the blazing sun. They were so fun and let me boss them around for a few hours. Enjoy.