Parasol Portrait

My dear friend Christine photographed husby and me on Saturday (so strange being on the other side of the lens, by the way). She posted this teaser today. I LOVE it. Do you?


Our First Official Busy Season

is almost over. I can't wait to see more of this handsome guy.

Photographed on his birthday last month.


Trina's Shower

Remember these maternity photos I did? Trina's baby is coming in less than 2 weeks, and I get to photograph the birth story. We had a little party for her a few weeks ago in anticipation of the big day!

See all the photos from the event HERE.


Timothy K.

Been meaning to post these for quite some time now. What a stud.

See all of his portraits HERE.


Sharon's Birth Story

Did you see?

I shot Sharon's maternity photos last month. Then Jon shot her all-natural birth. What a rockstar! See all of Sharon's maternity photos HERE. Having a baby soon? Call me to book maternity photos or birth story photos.


Erin & Eric's Album

Just a few of the favorites that will fill a beautiful, black 10x10 album. . .


Luke | Everyday Heroes Project

Although Sara is only in one photo (per her request), she is definitely an Everyday Hero. Luke has so much life, and such was a hoot to photograph. He's the man of the house, and from what I understand, the spitting image of his late father.

See all of the images from this shoot HERE.