Baby Peek (Utah Children's Photographer)

Many more of this little adorable little girl and her awesome parents to come...



Doesn't the holiday season make you think of peppermint and candy canes? This cake (made by my chef sister-in-law) was one of the tasty highlights of my christmas celebration...layers of chocolate cake, peppermint icing, chocolate cake, peppermint icing...goodness



gifts galore...since christmas and my birthday fall right next to each other. I've been catching up on sleep, 24, and guitar hero. I promise, lots of photos to come. Stay tuned.


Merry Christmas!

Here's a portion of our Christmas e-card we sent out this year. Since it contains pretty personal stuff, I'm only posting the photo portion. If you're a friend and would like to see the whole thing (and you didn't receive it), leave me a comment with your email address.

Merry Christmas!


late night + low light + end of finals + r+ d

I love these two. Did you know? You've probably seen a lot of them on this blog. And you'll probably see a lot more. Here are a couple I shot for their Christmas card--a quick photo op in their apt, right by ours.

A couple of these are not in sharp focus. i know. but i love the character--they show the true r + d I know. I cut myself a little slack when I'm shooting with my manual focus in low light with this guy making wise cracks the entire time.

My way of getting back at him for his incessant banter is to post this last one. :)


Christmas with the Windowbox Gallery

i was hired a few weeks ago to shoot some photos of this lovely mom & pop shop in provo. if you need beautiful, custom framing, you should visit the windowbox gallery on provo's center street.


HRS preview

Lots of rockin' photos from this awesome finale concert to come.


happy howlidays

i have been so excited to the photos from this uber-fun shoot. s is "one of those dog people," who sends out christmas cards of her with the dog. can you believe how gorgeous this girl is? (oh, and her master, too). just kiddin', s.

so...great danes are big. big b definitely got me out of my comfort zone on this one. the photos where b is actually looking at me are almost entirely due to the fact that i was dangling a doggie snack just above the lens. seriously though, i had so much fun, and learned so much! thanks, s!

oh, and for the record, dogs don't respond to requests. or any of my silly antics that never fail to get human babies' attention.

so, when they say "puppy dog eyes," this is what they mean:

even the dog gives me attitude.


Beauty: Youth

Our extended family has grown substantially in the last several years. I was able to capture some of the lovely young faces over the sad weekend as well. I know I'm biased, but I think mixed-race kids are so gorgeous. besides the one of my blondie husband, these kids range from 1/4-3/4 Japanese.


Beauty: Wisdom

I attended a funeral of a loved one in Idaho last weekend. It was a cold, blustery experience. But I got to see a lot of family (after a long absence), and I got to capture these beauties. The Japanese-American community there is still strong, although aging. I'm lucky to be related to most of these lovely, wise treasures.

note: i'm still playing around with fonts/designs for my upcoming website; thus, the ever-changing watermark.