Country Modern

I was hired to photograph this beautiful custom home for listing photos--it just went on the market. Every detail in this house was planned perfectly, and I wish I were in the market. I would snatch it up and move right in! The listing showcases lots of wide-angle room shots, but the details are so much cozier.

MLS listing #:902453

3631 S. Folker Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
$649k | 3900 sq ft


  1. gorgeous. I have always thought it would be fun to have a job taking pictures of amazing houses- you know, Architectural Digest or something. Well done!

  2. ps. I've been looking for a creative way to organize my jewelry- and I think I've found it thanks to this! What a great idea...

  3. Loooove this house. Maybe they'll trade for mine?? ha!

  4. Oh man! I wish I were in the market as well! Holy buckets is that a cute house or what! Great pictures of all the details :)