Film Your Heart Out Scholarship Project: FINALIST!

One of my images made it to the finals in Jonathan Canlas's workshop scholarship project. I have been dying to attend his workshop ever since I first heard of it, and knew I wouldn't be able to afford it for years. However, this year, he offered a scholarship for someone who could go out and shoot, on film, a quintessential Utah story.

Because Utah, to me, is all about the people, this image represents the hard-working people that make up the great Beehive State. Here's the quote: “Good fruit: hard-working people with good values, producing the best of the best. That’s Utah."

This image was selected as one of the five final images, and the result depends on you! Whichever image gets the most votes wins, so please take 10 seconds and go to this link: http://yourheartout.com/?p=6507 and vote for my image!

Thank you so much!


  1. Alli - I know you'll win this contest (you're already in the lead!). Your style is so similar to Jonathan's (not that I'm a pro). Good Luck!

  2. Good Luck! I hope everything is going well for you.
    Lydia Fisher

  3. Alli,

    I just voted and it put your photo ahead by one vote! I am excited for you. I hope you win-- you deserve it. I will get Richard to vote as well.

  4. I just voted and you're definitely in the running! I'll have to go to my in-laws and vote again. Good for you Alli!

  5. i voted! goodluck!

  6. Wahoo!!! Looking VERY good with only 3.5 hours left. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed :)