Cougartown | Provo, UT

During the fall season, you might find me here, cheering on my cougs.

Or here, people-watching. And folks, the material at LaVell Edwards stadium is good, real good.

Sitting in the stands is still a big adjustment since I'm used to being on the field as one of these, so having my camera as an outlet is a big help!

All of these images were shot on film; getting ready for this fantastic workshop! SO excited.

And for those who've asked, my personal work is available for purchase! If you'd like a print, order one here. Rumor has it there's a sale starting October 9th!


  1. I was looking at these thinking, "these look sweet; I wonder if they're film." Awesome. Reminds me of when I actually used to go to the games :)

  2. You used to be a photographer on the field? That's amazing!! How did you manage that experience? I think the stadium is beautiful. :)