One year ago today.

I know every mother out there says it, but it's true: where did the time go? I dare say it flew right past me and left me a mess of jabbers and diapers and all things drool-covered.
One year ago, this very minute, we welcomed this sweet being into our arms, lives, and hearts.
One year ago, our world as we knew it unraveled and started anew.
One year ago, I became a mother, a title I will hold near to me forever.
One year ago, we learned what it means to be truly exhausted.
One year ago, we learned what it means to love unconditionally.
One year ago, this baby stole a piece of me and filled me a thousand times over.
One year ago seems like yesterday.
Happy birthday, my baby bear. I love you itsu made mo. Or in our language: a deeky deeky deek.
All images by Kim Orlandini.

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  1. What a cool way to capture the experience.