Happy New Year!

This year's holiday festivities were our busiest ever, as far as family celebrations go. While it was only the second year without finals (hurrah!), it was the first with a mobile baby. And with that mobile baby we were all systems go. For weeks.

Little man was graciously accommodating, finally finding the pack-n-play as an acceptable naptime destination, and maintaining good nighttime sleep despite being transported between said pack-n-play to carseat to crib so husby and I could enjoy the holiday cheer. As wonderful as the last couple months have been, baby boy and I are ready to settle back into our daily routine as husby gears up for another busy season as a CPA.

You may start to see a few more images of baby boy on this blog, though we're still keeping him off facebook. I can't wait to share my personal 2011 project with you--it centered around this sweet guy.

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  1. I am happy to see more of little guy. I have missed him. Here is to a cheerful new year!