Baby Marne'

Isn't this baby sweet? You probably wouldn't guess it, but the window light at jason's deli in provo is amazing, don't you think?


  1. Well, I checked your blog, I like what I see... and we're moving to Lehi in September and I'll have a new baby that I would LOVE you to take pictures of! That is, if you're not too busy with school! I think it's good that you charge a fee, you've got a talent I definitely don't have and I'd gladly pay for it! You really are good!

  2. Anonymous8/15/2008

    Beautiful pic Alli. Is this pic of Laura's baby? Anyway, love it!

  3. Love all the photos! You're definitely talented. It's funny that you are designing invitations and greeting cards...After seeing your cute cookbook, I thought about asking if you could design a birth announcement for Addie but I thought you would think I was totally nuts! Maybe for the next kid? ;)