Summer Wedding

Our dear friends Cason & Kaela asked me to shoot wedding (sealing) photos at the temple. It was my first wedding shoot and I loved it--despite the blazing sun. They were so fun and let me boss them around for a few hours. Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous8/12/2008

    Allie! Your pics are amazing. We'd love to have you take pics of our little Keilani. You have such an interesting perspective and I love your use of angles and light. Wow! So impressive.

  2. Anonymous8/12/2008

    These photos look great. And I love the design. I like your logo and the font you chose. It all looks great!

  3. wow!! what talent ali, thats incredible! I always wish I could do that...
    I have been looking for a photographer to shoot my maternity pic's, and when this next baby come to do some family shots.
    I would looove for you to do them, especially to help you get your name out, I can help you advertise this way!
    email me your sitting fee, and how you do it all. (if you give me the cd or what, etc)

  4. alli! I am so impressed!!!

  5. Beautiful Alli! I love all the bright colors!

    Although I have felt like photography is really trendy lately, you definitely have a legitimate talent. Your husband is one lucky guy to have snatched up such a well-rounded girl!