We've Moved!

I have dozens of posts in my head, but no time to post them just yet. Per this post title, we moved the past weekend from our home of the last 6+ years to our temporary residence as we await completion of our new home.

Until I get a chance to write a full post, mark your calendars for my first full workshop!

Intro to Digital Photography next month: classes July 15, 22, 29, and a lighting demo Aug 1. Email me for more details! Class size will be very limited (more than half have already reserved their spots)!

*UPDATE* Class dates have changed to July 16, 23, 30, and Aug 1.


  1. Am I part of the half? I hope so. Can I be?

  2. Hi Al!

    I used bludomain and I liked them. Their sites are pretty easy to use and edit. I got the $100 deal and it was great!

    Good luck!

  3. I just realized that I probably didn't answer your question. Sorry!

    I got my site for $100 and then they charge $100 a year for hosting. (I my hosting for free from a mentorship I did).

    Your total should be just over $200. Call me if you have any questions about it!


  4. Hey Alli I would love to come to some workshops. I'm trying to dive into the world of photography. Let me know some of the details. I hope the move went smoothly!!

  5. hi hi hi!! i have been awaiting...yet, i am so sad to say i might have to decline:( we have mutual wednesday nights! what time are you starting?! i won't be able to make the 15th for sure, but maybe the others!!! let me know what you think! love you! and i need access to your blog! loves