Why Photoshop is my friend.

Although posed, grinning photos are not my favorite (I'm more of a candid girl), most families want at least one image for their wall where everyone is smiling at the camera. I love this family so much, but little K wanted nothing to do with me--especially at our fun locations. Enter photoshop. It took three images to create this baby:

Baby's eyes from here:

Dad's smile from here:

Don't mind my mediocre composition here. Jumping around making funny noises to get a 2-year-old's (and apparently the parents') attention can do that to my images sometimes.

We miss this family terribly! Expect many more images from this fun session soon.

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  1. okay, wow!!!!! I thought i had you pinned as amazing before, now I'm not sure which word to use to describe you. These are amazing!!! Kate is a pretty good stinker that's true. You made the very best of two fairly un-photogenic people and a crazy baby!