Bountiful, Utah Temple | fisheye view

Delayed gratification: one of my favorite parts of shooting film. Picking up processed film from the lab and looking through images is a lot like Christmas morning. While I'm not a huge fan nor proponent of skewing images (except in certain specific situations), I think I like these. I prefer natural-looking images to any distortions or Photoshop actions. (If I have applied actions in the past to your images, I'm sorry!)

Anyway, I shot these on Jen & Dean's wedding day with my toy fisheye. Personally, I don't think fisheye is very appropriate for weddings, but I really like it for other situations. See what you think!

P.S. I'm photographing a large family reunion this weekend, and I'm taking both my DSLR and film SLR!


  1. I feel the same way about film- i just picked up a roll I shot with my Granddad's Contaflex and I'm obsessed. I just keep flipping through the images... and I was totally shaking when I went to go pick them up because I was so excited.

    If I could afford it I would shoot 100% film.

  2. Hey Ali- love the fish eye pics, so cool! We need to get together soon for a shoot. Good luck with your big family reunion shoot!!!