Portraits of a Professor | Michael Goldsmith

My big project announcement is coming in the next few days. It is inspired by this incredible man. In preparation for my project, I photographed Professor Michael Goldsmith in his beautiful home in Heber, Utah. The family session turned into a father/daughter session, and I couldn't have been happier. Honestly, the stars aligned to make this shoot happen. Since his health is rapidly declining, Professor Goldsmith moved to New York two days after my visit so he could be near his family. His law school family will certainly miss him.


  1. I don't even know this man and the images gave me goosebumps. I love what you did. What a treasure for their family.

  2. Great pics! I feel like you really captured his personality. Looking forward to your project.

  3. What a wonderful idea. Way to use your talents to do some good (beyond your gorgeous photographs!)