Gretchen | Everyday Heroes Project

I couldn't have asked for a better first session for the project. Gretchen was nominated as an everyday hero by her sister. Here's what she had to say about Gretchen:

"I wanted to tell you about my sister. She is one of my everyday heroes. My father left our family ten years ago and Gretchen struggled with his leaving in a very difficult way. She became involved with someone and after finally being able to break away, found out that she was pregnant. Gretchen knew that she did not want to raise her little boy in a home without a father. After much prayer and consideration, she decided to place her little boy for adoption and give him the home with a father that she could not provide. I will never forget the feelings in our home after she placed that little boy, there was such a conflict of peace and sadness! Words cannot describe what a hard thing that was for all of us, but especially for my sister and my mom. We knew that she had done the right thing, but it was still difficult.

A few years and a Master’s degree later, Gretchen found an incredible man who loved her for the person that she was. They were married as a forever family. In September 2009 Gretchen and her husband welcomed their first child into their forever family."

Captured in natural light at their beautiful home in Heber, Utah on 35mm Kodak BW400CN film and digital.