Pettit Family

Dear L & S,

sorry this one has taken so long to post! you know how crazy the holidays are. i know you do, since you've been in nyc enjoying the festivities there.

I know they've been checking my blog, patiently waiting for a full post. So without further ado...

if this adorable babe looks familiar, it may be because you have seen her here and here.

check out those baby blues and her new pearly whites!

and her gorgeous mom...still sassy.

how much do you love mom's sassy shoes?

I love the interactions between baby and daddy.

and this swinging photo: evidence of daddy's trick to keep her from crying...

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  1. Thanks for getting me the CD so quickly. You are so fabulous! I love you! Thanks for another round of great photos! And I promise I didn't forget to bring your check over.