Change hurts

Against my better judgment, I've always had this (unreasonable, i know) belief that my grandparents would be around forever, and that their home would be an eternal respite from the world. Grandma passed last month, and although I traveled to idaho for her funeral, I didn't stop by my grandparents' old home. My cousin has since purchased and updated much of it, and although my grandpa still lives there, it isn't the same. On new year's eve day, I made a trip up to visit my oji-chan with my dad and older brother. I was able to take some time to capture some of my favorite parts of their old potato farm (and from the cute Mexican neighbor's) that haven't changed. Yet. For my personal archives.

i also snapped a couple at lunch, where gramps and i shared a rack of ribs. and idaho-style mashed potatoes.

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  1. pretty colors! my grandparents also had a farm. they had to sell it when my grandpa passed (10 years ago) but we do have a few precious pictures. so pretty!