Baby Kate

This little girl is so so sweet. I can't believe how verbal she is at only 16 months. Example: I walked into her home. She looked at me. She looked at her mom and said, "Alli...pound?" Apparently I was the first person to give her 'knuckles.'

Here, "snuggle snuggle"-ing her "pigs," as she called them, both on her pjs and in her hair.

I'm so proud: k has a book with an asian girl in it, whom she has affectionately named "Alli." I'm so proud. Now i just need to teach my 18-month-old nephew to recognize me.

check out her awesome belly and thunder thighs!

the black/white photos are unintentionally out of focus, but i couldn't resist them. they capture her energetic personality. in my defense, i was working with my manual-focus 1970 f/1.4 50mm.

I hope to take more of this sweet girl again sometime soon!

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  1. oh man, we love your style. As I mentioned, we've spent a little time browsing and loved every minute. I love the one with Kate's hand in her diaper, it's so her. Thanks again!