Love train, Love train

We skate-danced the night away last night at our 80's-themed ward valentine's party. How rad are all these costumes? The best-dressed even got legit prizes--gift cards to some great restaurants! We love this ward.

I had fun playing with a slow shutter all night. But oh how I wish I'd had my new camera + speedlight. (for the record, I'm not really into photoshop actions, but I like the retro effect on some of these ones...)

for some reason i really love this one.

here is the result from the other photog's camera, plus one he got of me in my getup.

and here are the righteous winners of the costume contest:

p.s. if you see a photo of yourself and you want it, email me. i'll send you the full file!


  1. I love, love these pictures!!! It looks like it was so fun, and I'm so sad I couldn't come. Thanks for sharing all the pictures! Hopefully it's okay--I put the picture of Curt on our blog and also did a link to this post for everyone to see more pictures. Let me know if that's not okay, and I'll take it off. Thanks!!!

  2. I love these! And I love that the pictures look 20 years old. Our ward definitely loves the costume parties!