this just in . . .

Just got word that my new babies just arrived. At my parents' house cuz I didn't want them sitting on the porch at my apt.

(click photos for links)

You could say i'm freaking out.
You could also say this delay is a blessing. I have a 30-page brief to write this week.
No ginormous distractions needed.


  1. know the feeling... and now I'm the one with camera envy! Congrats on your new babies! Let's go shoot sometime...

  2. YAY! that's so exciting :) you will love the speedlight, I used it a ton at my sister in law's wedding. I got a flash diffuser too, it's about $40, but totally worth it.

  3. btw-did you get the kit, or just the body? i'm debating

  4. Sweet! You're gonna love it!!!

  5. I bet you're going crazy!! I couldn't wait to bust out my dumb little tripod when I got it, I can't imagine waiting to use an awesome camera. I can't wait to see the new pictures you get with it.