30 strangers

i have high hopes for a large project like this (but with my own specs) this summer. so i'm very excited i get to participate in this project and finally meet justin. if you and your mama want to participate, you better act quick. spots filled in 48 hours last year!


  1. my mom lives 1,386 miles away :(

    have fun!

  2. i know. i love having my mama close. i'm taking every advantage of it while i can!

  3. me, my mom, my grandma, and Ella are going! We're so excited!

  4. Hello my beautiful Alli! I love you're pictures; you are so talented darling! By the way it was so fun to see you the other night. I really do miss you and your amazing impersonations of Monique. hahaha I started laughing about it on my way to class yesterday and a guy looked at me like I was crazy. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    My email is Sandypixxy1@aol.com. I dont know if you need this or if I should just identify myself that way...so I'm going to do both.