Engagement Outtakes

I've been busily sorting and proofing engagement photos from last weekend and came across these lovelies. I love candid shots because they capture real emotion. sometimes it takes a few minutes for new clients to warm up to me or it takes a couple moments to change my camera settings, so I like to keep snapping when couples aren't expecting it (regardless of white balance or aperture) to get shots when they are less self-conscious and more natural. I love these expressions!

As a photographer, i've learned to expect the unexpected and to be flexible. I showed up to one of these shoots with my new camera ready to go, but problems with the shutter forced me to use my backup camera. Much of photography is living in the moment, so sometimes I have to forget about setting up the perfect shot and just snap away (thank goodness I've converted to digital). more of these beautiful couples to come!

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