Just call him 'master'

of accounting, that is. I'm so proud my hubby is graduating this year with both of his degrees (combined 5-year program). It's been a long time coming, and he deserves it. Last sunday between early morning church meetings and normal service, we went over to his home of 6 years--the marriott school--and shot these grad photos.

i'm running a screamin' deal on grad photos and announcement design (if you don't want to go with the icky school-sponsored announcements). email for details.

we printed his announcements in on beautiful, heavy, recycled linen cardstock (cuz we're green like that). they measure 5" x 7", so we were able to print two per page, saving money and trees (although i didn't save that many trees since i printed them twice, per my obsessive perfectionism).

*i have to credit my friend kandis with design input on his announcement


  1. Love the pics and the announcement. Where were you when I graduated? Congrats, Morgan!

  2. These look awesome Alli- love them! And way to go Morgan. You'll love it once he's working, well, minus busy season. Aaron slept at work last night- just you wait :)

  3. Congrats!! That is so great and you guys are sooo cute.

    Jenn (Tarazon)

  4. love the profile, that's a great shot. i'd love to have you help me look great in a picture someday.