Before & After: Nicole Hill Gerulat Classes

So I started shooting in manual when I was 16 years old on my dad's old Nikkormat EL (tank) 35mm SLR. My high school had a fantastic (and I've discovered, very rare) AP photography program that I was all about. Architecture was so my thing back then: doors, windows, archways, entryways. It got tough shooting film as a poor college student. But my digital and film classes got me through the artistic and technical end of photography.

Enter then-Nicole Hill (now-Nicole Gerulat). With my first digital SLR, I somewhat skeptically enrolled in her Photography 101 class in May of 2008, expecting it to be a review of everything I'd already learned. And a lot of it was. And a lot of it was much, much more. Not only did she review the artistic and technical aspects of photography--the aspects of photography that I have always loved, but she also introduced the business aspect of photography--something I had only really toyed with until then. And now I can't get enough of her classes--I take every class I can get! Nicole is a real teacher--she doesn't hold anything back. She gives it straight, and shares all her secrets. Photographing people can be tough--and she's brought me leaps and bounds especially in that respect.

Now, Nikon D300 in hand, I'm shooting lots of events, and helping pay the bills doing something I have loved for so long! The journey has been bumpy, but worth it. I still shoot for myself, but now I can share my passion with others and help create images they, too, can enjoy.


  1. I wish I would have been interested in photography enough to know about that AP class! Lucky you! Those B&W images are fantastic...

    and with regards to the 'after' keep these lovely images coming :)

  2. that baby girl is SOOO CUTE!

  3. thanks for this post, alli... as soon as those classes go live online, we'll announce this.. thanks!