Utah Genius 2009: The Setup (Utah Event Photographer)

Is it strange to any of you photographers out there to see photos taken of you while you're in the act? To me, it's a bit like hearing my voice on tape. You know, that "yikes, that's what I really sound {look} like?" feeling.

This first shot was taken by katie of the lighting photo booth at the Utah Genius event, before we set up the tall bar stool for the honorees. Good thing I attended nicole hill's studio lighting workshop a few weeks back and learned how to set everything up!

This second photo is from lesley, taken at said workshop (well, one of them). I apparently make silly, goofy-happy faces when I'm learning about the stuff I love!


  1. I don't think you look silly OR goofy, I think you look completely serene and content. And yes, I guess it's because you're doing something you love... and because you are so at home with that fabulous treasure you have in your hands.

    nice work with the studio lights!

  2. so exciting to see the classes paying off! great job!

  3. Hey, I'm so glad you found me! I was thinking I should have gotten your blog address or something :) I am going to see my pictures today, I can't wait, I'm jealous you got to see them already ;) I would love to keep in touch. You photography is amazing! Would you like to go shooting sometime?

  4. Hey you know What I just realized about the second photo, the one of you at nicole's workshop? That's me in the background, lol

  5. Sorry it took me so long to get back, your response went to my gmail account (which I never use). I live in utah county. email me back at brookebelle84@hotmail.com

    talk to you later!