Mommy & Me Workshop

Since I will soon be leaving the comfort of ProvOrem, I cannot postpone this project any longer.

This Saturday, June 6th, at 9:00 am my talented friend Kaela and I will be teaching a short workshop with tips on how to better photograph your children--followed by a 5-minute session with you and your child (if you have one). You will receive the best image from your session in digital format, with the option to purchase prints at a discount.
  • No type of camera is required, as I will not be covering camera technique. The class is more general for helping you get the best photos you can with whatever camera you have.
  • There is no tuition fee for this workshop (although I will be teaching a basic photography class specifically for DSLRs in July if you're interested in learning more).
  • The workshop will be held at the grassy knoll at the corner of Terrace Lane and Columbia Lane in Orem. Look for a little white shed and a little Asian girl with a camera.
  • Daddies and non-parents are welcome, too!
Email or leave a comment if you are interested in coming or if you need directions. And please email me with any specific questions you may have that you'd like me to cover! allsmiles(dot)photography(at)gmail(d0t)com.


  1. I'm so sad that i will miss this. I am going to be in San Jose, otherwise Rossi and I would have been there. Let me know if you do another one.

  2. Oh, boo! I'll be gone for my sister's graduation this weekend. I bet it will be fun though!

  3. Oh I am in for sure.... I'll be there! So I just show up?

  4. Yep, Alyssa. Just bring that beautiful baby.

  5. oh that's just cruel and unusual punishment to be unable to attend. I wonder if Ryan can find some work in provo for the weekend... I'd love to come see what you have to say!